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If you are interested in meeting one of our pets, please email info@poundpups.org or call 512-832-4101and fill out our adoption application here.

Date this page was last updated:  09/02/2019


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Check out those eyes . Daisy is looking for her forever home. She loves people and has plenty of energy. Daisy is spayed, vaccinated and chipped. Fill out an application and come visit her! Email info@poundpups.org  for more information.

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Bubba is an extremely smart lab/beagle mix.  He can currently count to 6.  If you don't believe me watch the video.  Bubba needs an owner than can challenge him and teach him new tricks. Bubba is about 3 years old, house and crate trained.  Gets along well with other dogs and is ok with cats.  Walks well on a leash and likes to play fetch. If you think you are a good match for Bubba, send us an email at info@poundpups.org to set up an appointment to see this guy in action.


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Cooper is a gentle giant and an absolute love. He is probably a German Shepherd mix who wants to be a lap dog.  Loves kids and cats and is fine with other dogs.  Cooper didn’t have a good home life before and has probably NEVER been an inside dog.  He needs a little training and patience, but as long as he gets to go outside often and/or is kept in a smaller space while you’re gone, he has no accidents!  Cooper has some broken teeth and doesn’t like eating dry dog food.  He’s picky about his food.  He likes the canned ground, not chunky, especially Purina One Special Blend.  He’s not food aggressive.   This sweet boy is amazing on a leash!  He never pulls!  He’s more concerned that you are with him and are going to pet him when he’s done doing his business.  Cooper has been through a lot in his 8 years, but maintains an amazing, loving nature.  He is going to be a very special, amazing family pet for someone. Email info@poundpups.org for more information.

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Lulu is an eager to please female Blue Heeler/Border Collie mix.  She is a great buddy to all the new dogs that come to CPP and loves to play with everyone until she drops.  She is great with dogs and is not cat aggressive.  Lulu is a healthy active girl!  Our vet thinks she was probably born about January 2018.  She will need lots of exercise. If you can foster or adopt please email info@poundpups.org or call 512-832-4101.

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No fool'n Sweet Tator had her puppies on April Fool's Day. Puppies are chiweenies with loads of cuteness!  Three puppies will be available for foster to adopt the end of May 2019.

All of Sweet Tators puppies have been adopted.  We are socializing Sweet Tator. She will be ready for adoption shortly.

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Happy Tails!

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Goose is a smart one and learned shake and high five after a few tries.  What else can you teach her? Goose is a beautiful red female Australian Cattle dog mix who loves to frolic in the sprinkler.  She is 40 lbs, energetic, gets along with dogs and cats. The vet thinks she could have been born about October 2016. Her play drive has her wanting to chase cats but hasn't shown aggression towards them. She is good around children but a family with school age children might be best. She is athletic and needs a secure tall fence. A yard to run would be great or a dog park close to home. If you can foster or adopt please email info@poundpups.org or call 512-832-4101.



Henry the hugger, loves everyone especially kids. Gets along great with other dogs! Loves to play and seems to like water as well. Henry is a Blue Heeler mix. The vet thinks Henry was born around July 2017.  He is neutered and up to date on shots.  Henry is an active dog that needs exercise. In the right hands, Henry could do most anything. Unfortunately Henry is heart worm positive but being treated with the low dose heart-worm medication.  If you can foster or adopt please email info@poundpups.org or call 512-832-4101.


Scooter is a 7 year old male dachshund mix.  His owner became ill and had to give him up.  Scooter seems to be good with cats and dogs.  Please email info@poundpups.org  to get more information on Scooter.

Harry “This is the story of a little YorkiPoo Prince named Harry, born in a Kingdom where seeing isn’t believing and hearing is keen....” That’s right, Harry is a partially blind YorkiPoo Mix who relies on his big ears to navigate the world. Though a little shy at first, he is a playful, bouncy happy little guy who’ll make you laugh out loud with his funny ways. At 8 months old Harry is still very much a puppy. He weighs less than 8lbs, is neutered, heartworm negative and up to date on basic vaccinations. If you think you might be Harry’s Hail Mary for a forever home..............Please email info@poundpups.org

Diesel is a "gentleman" and just wants to be told he is a "good boy".  He is a 3 year old shepherd lab mix about 85lbs.  He showed up in the Thorndale pound intact and super energetic and has since been neutered.  He has undergone a change as he has calmed and shown how gentle and loving he really is. He is around cats, dogs, pony, and occasionally children.  He has never shown aggression, not even when eating. Diesel loves the water and even on the coldest winter days would put his feet in, unless water was frozen. He is submissive and needs a little patience as you train him new things.  He came to foster without manners and has learned a new name, rules, and routine. He also had to make new friends. Given time he can learn many more new things. He will even smile for you.  If you would like to meet Diesel in Thorndale, TX please email us at info@poundpups.org