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Date this page was last updated:  06/17/2018

The Alphabet Soup Litter is ready for Foster-to-Adopt!

(taken at 8 weeks old after bath time)

There were 12 (twelve) puppies born on February 7th of 2018.  We found homes for 8 of the puppies so far.

There are 4 still available as of (6/16/2018).  They are:

Kohlrabi, Orzo, Potato, and Queso,   (see individual pictures below)

Mother, Matilda is below.

Matilda is an approximately 6 year old, dark brindle, possible lab/retriever mix that was living with a homeless man who could no longer care for her. When she was rescued we learned she was pregnant. Matilda had 12 puppies on April 7th 2018, we call the Alphabet Soup litter. Tallulah or "Tilly" is pictured with Matilda on the 2nd frame. Matilda is a precious girl who deserves a chance at a better life.   We'll keep you posted here as well as facebook and instagram.  The Alphabet Soup Puppies should be ready for adoption around May 20th, 2018.  Matilda a week or two later.

Alphabet Soup Litter at 2 weeks

Alphabet Soup Litter at 7 weeks

Alphabet Soup Litter and Matilda on Youtube:


Litter at 2 weeks old


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Update for Diesel 3/4/18:
Diesel is a young adult shepherd lab mix.  He showed up in the Thorndale pound intact and super energetic and has since been neutered.  He has undergone a change as he has calmed and shown how gentle and loving he really is. He is around cats,  dogs,  pony, and occasionally children.  He has never shown aggression, not even when eating. Diesel loves the water and even on the coldest winter days would put his feet in, unless water was frozen. He is submissive and needs a little patience as you train him new things.  He came to foster without manners and has learned a new name, rules, and routine. He also had to make new friends. Given time he can learn many more new things. He is a "gentleman" and just wants to be told "good boy" but a treat is fun too. He will even smile for you.  If you would like to meet Diesel in Thorndale, TX please email us at info@poundpups.org

Diesel is approximately 3 years old (as of 1/2018), 76 lbs, and appears to be a shepherd lab mix.  So far he has been good with other dogs and with cats.  He is still new to his foster and recovering from his neuter so exposure to other dogs and cats is limited.  He is sweet with people but needs to socialize and be trained. He has been frustrated about being left alone. He has a had strong food drive and that will help in obedience training him.  Mostly he is just sweet and needing affection.

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Tallulah (AKA Tilly) is a happy, energetic, smart and eager to please Pointer mix. She casts a big shadow but is a fully grown medium size dog weighing in at 42lbs. She’s crate trained, house broken, walks well on a leash, knows basic commands, loves other dogs and is cat curious but shows no signs of being cat aggressive. Her overall health is very good, heart worm negative, spayed, micro chipped and up to date on all shots.The only thing Tilly is missing is her forever home!
Please email info@poundpups.org if you are interested. 


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 Pop Star Puppies and mother Tiny

Tiny came to CPP pregnant as an owner surrender.  On Thursday, February 1st 2018 around 7:39pm she birthed her first of 5 puppies.  She had 3 girls and 2 boys.  The father of the litter is a Blue Merle Chihuahua and Tiny is a black with white  possibly Chihuahua.  Two of the puppies are blue merle, one is black and tan, the remaining 2 have black with white on the neck.

The puppies should be ready for foster to adopt near the end of March. Adoption fees will be $150. Bruno Mars, Nicki Minaj, Christina Aguilera, Rihanna and Tiny currently are on hold as we have applications for them.  If you are interested in adopting Justin Timberlake please email us at info@poundpups.org and send us a completed application.  These puppies are being fostered in Thorndale, TX.

Taken at about 1 week old.  They have doubled their weight and will be opening their eyes soon.

We'll keep you posted here as well as our instagram account and on our facebook page.  Search for Charlynes Pound Puppies.

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Josie is about 4 months old (as of 9/2017) and possibly Catahoula/Pitt mix pup that was dumped in Thorndale. She is about 40 lbs. Josie is medium energy, responsive to foster, and when let out; happy to go back into her kennel.  She likes other dogs and are ok with a pony. Please email info@poundpups.org if interested.



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Tyne was left in the pound the week before Valentines Day with her sister Val, who has already been adopted.  Tyne is probably about 10 weeks old (as of 2/2018) and very sweet.  If you are interested in meeting her please email us at info@poundpups.org

Val was left in the pound the week before Valentines Day with her sister Tyne.  Val is probably about 10 weeks old (as of 2/2018) and very sweet.  If you are interested in meeting her please email us at info@poundpups.org

Pepper is a sweet and spicy approximate 1 year old (as of 11/2017) pup looking for her furever home. We believe that Pepper looks like a smooth coat Border Collie/Bull Terrier mix.  She is 40lbs and spayed.  Pepper is easy to crate, gets along well with other dogs and cats.  She is submissive to other dogs if confronted.  Pepper walks well on a leash. She is working on basic commands right now.  She’s a real sweet pup! If you're interested in Pepper please email info@poundpups.org      

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Sadie is a 1-2 year old (as of July 2017) Blue Lacey mix. Everything about Sadie says Blue Lacey except for the color.  Sadie is black and white,  she is compact at 35lbs.  She is athletic and playful... house trained and spayed.  Wants to "hunt" the cats and chickens but doesn't hurt them or bite at them, she doesn't know what to do if they don't want to run, if she can't chase then that is the end of her game. Her manners are improving with basic commands and Sadie wants to please.  Training Sadie would be fun and there is potential for agility training with her higher energy and athleticism.  She shows some interest in playing fetch. Gentle and trustworthy with other animals and people, Sadie was an owner surrender due to her ability to climb or jump fences and stray from home.  She really just wants to be with people so separation anxiety and loneliness may be the thing to avoid to keep her home.  She doesn't tear up her toys and doesn't seem to be a chewer so your shoes might be safe if you keep the occasional rawhide handy. Walks nicely on a leash and when she has freedom she is a flash around the pasture of her foster home. Sadie comes when called and accepts kenneling with verbal command.  A real beauty! Please email info@poundpups.org if interested.

Foster Update on Sadie 9/17/17 She is very sweet and plays with cats and cat toys.  Crates at night with no barking.  She is a great companion.  Plays fetch and is learning commands.  Stays in the yard now that she isn't lonely.

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Monkey a Border Collie/Australian mix was trapped right before hurricane Harvey. She was very sick from being malnourished and eaten alive with fleas and ticks. We pulled over 50 ticks just out of her ears. We also had to take her to the vet for antibiotics, ear and skin meds. So far we've spent $160 for her vet visit.  We hope Monkey will be available for adoption soon.

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Cain (chocolate) & Josie (light brindle) are about 4 months old (as of 9/2017) and possibly Catahoula/Pitt mix puppies that were dumped in Thorndale. Brother and sister, they are about 40 lbs with Cain being a bit heavier.  They are medium energy, responsive to foster, and when let out are happy to go back into their kennel.  They like other dogs and are ok with a pony. Please email info@poundpups.org if interested.